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Creampie Cathy

QUALITY: 17/20
VALUE: 10/10
ADS: 4/5
OVERALL: 18/20
Primary Categories: Vaginal Creampie, Anal Creampie
Specialty Categories: Amateur Creampie, Creampie Eating, Gangbang Creampie, Interracial Creampie, MILF Creampie
Review Date: October 8, 2009
30 Day Membership: $24.95 (rebills at $19.95/month)
90 Day Membership: $44.95 (rebills at $44.95/90 days)
Notes: None

Creampie Cathy Pics and Vids: 322 scenes
Update Frequency: Weekly (main members area updated daily)
Bonus Content: Access to the rest of Cathy's truly enormous amateur members area (60,000+ photos, 3,000+ videos), Cathy's Craving

- Huge archive of exclusive amateur creampie content
- Good quality pics and vids
- Bonus access to the rest of Cathy's super-sized members area, Cathy's Craving
- Cathy is unbelievably wild and slutty

- Older content is of lesser quality

Creampie Cathy Review

Creampie Cathy is the personal creampie site of Cathy, a swinging MILF babe who also happens to be an absolute slut and loves sex of nearly every kind, especially creampies. Cathy also has a large main site, Cathy's Craving, which she runs with her hubby Peter and of which Creampie Cathy is just a part. You receive access to Cathy's entire members area when you join up here...I'll touch on just what's included in this huge members area at the end of the review. But first, let's check things out at Creampie Cathy.

Logging into the site will initially take you to the main page of Cathy's huge personal site. As I said, I'll tell you more about all the stuff to see here in a bit; for now, you can click on the "Creampie Cathy" graphic in the middle of the page to surf on over to that specific members area. Once there, you'll find a simple, straight-forward setup. Cathy has her various creampie scenes divided up into multiple categories...Single Load, Double Take, Multi Pies, Sloppy Seconds, and more. Cathy even defines some of these you may be unfamiliar with. For instance, a double take is when "a woman receives two internal cumshots from two men in a very short space of time" and a sloppy second is when "a woman is penetrated by a second male after a first has ejaculated inside her". I already knew that one...go me. Anyhow, clicking on a category will take you to a listing of all the scenes in that category...each one typically comes with a photoset, a video, and a pretty lengthy description of the action from Peter. All told, Cathy's got 322+ scenes to check out here; Single Loads is the largest category with 117 shoots with Anal Pies bringing up the rear (hehe) with just 24.

Cathy's videos are offered in MPG and WMV format, for stream or download. More recent scenes also add in an iPod (m4v) or a MOV version as well. There's typically a high and low quality option offered, the specs of which of course vary depending on the age of the clip. For instance, the oldest high-end vids come in at 348 x 248 at 400K, then they're 720 x 576 at 2300K around the middle of the archive and the current "Super Rez" vids weigh in at 1024 x 576 at 3400K. As expected, along with the specs, the quality the videos also gets better as you progress through the archive. The earliest vids look average to pretty decent...even thought the site goes back many years, the oldest material still doesn't look too bad. Of course, by the time you get to the more recent 3400K stuff, you've got clear, sharp, well-lit, DVD quality videos to check out. These look great and can be enjoyed at full-screen with ease. Cathy's photosets are viewable in gallery format, as a slideshow, or you can download the entire thing as a zip file. The older pics are on the small side at 320 x 400, then things bump up to 625 x 500; finally, the more recent stuff comes in at 600 x 1000. Some of these look to definitely be vidcaps, others look to be regular digital pics, or perhaps just really nice looking vidcaps.

There's a ton of creampie content to be had at Creampie Cathy. There's probably more creampie material here at Cathy's real amateur site than at the vast majority of professional creampie porn sites. A run-down of those categories I mentioned earlier will give you a good idea of what you'll see. The Single Loads category features Cathy getting fucked and having her pussy pumped full of cum from Peter as well as a cavalcade of other guys, black and white. You'll see Cathy take multiple cream pies in her Multi Pies's where you'll find tons of gangbang and orgy action with lots of guys and also some other hot chicks including one incredible scene where Cathy gets creampied by a whopping 34 guys! There are also some 14 guy and 20 guy creampie shoots in there as well. Sloppy Seconds of course contains scenes where Cathy gets fucked, creampied, and then immediately fucked and creampied again by another guy. In the Double Takes area, Cathy takes multiple loads in rapid succession in her pussy or asshole and The Anal Pies section features Cathy getting fucked hard in the ass by multiple guys and then getting her tight poopchute filled with hot cum. Simply put, there's lots and lots of creampie action here in pretty much every sub-genre you can think of. Awesome!

In addition to the Creampie Cathy scenes, you've still got a truly huge amount of porn to go through at Cathy's main members area, Cathy's Craving. The site is huge and divided up into multiple sections...the Creampie Cathy section being just one. Cathy also has areas focusing on Gangbangs, Girl-Girl, Interracial, Kinky Sex, Swinging, and more. There's also a cool section called Do My Slut which features pictorials with textual accompaniments written by Peter. Here you'll be able to get inside his head as he writes about what it's like watching his wife fuck tons of other guys. You also get access to Cathy's diary as well as a selection of e-zines and erotic stories, porn video and photo archives, and access to several webcam systems. Cathy's been sharing herself on the Net since way back in 1999 and she's compiled a simply staggering amount of content over the years. You'll definitely want to check out everything her site has to offer in addition to her creampie material.

Creampie Cathy Bottom Line

Creampie Cathy features some of the best real amateur creampie content around. You can't get much sluttier than Cathy as she takes on all, cummers...letting anywhere from 1-34 different guys fuck her and fill up her pussy and asshole with cum. The archive is large, the pics and vids are high quality (particularly the newer scenes), and you get access to the rest of Cathy's enormous members area when you join up. If you want to see one of the sluttiest amateur MILF's taking part in every kind of creampie action you can imagine, you definitely want to check out Creampie Cathy right now!
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