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QUALITY: 19/20
VALUE: 8/10
ADS: 5/5
OVERALL: 17/20
Primary Category: Vaginal Creampie
Specialty Category: Amateur Creampie
Review Date: January 5, 2010
30 Day Membership: $29.95 (rebills at $29.95/month)
60 Day Membership: $39.95 (rebills at $39.95/60 days)
Notes: None

Warm Kiss Videos: 38 videos
Warm Kiss Pics: 150+ pics
Update Frequency: Monthly
Bonus Content: Bonus videos section containing unreleased footage from the site, Sex Ed Q & A

- Exclusive archive of amateur creampie scenes
- Incredibly high quality videos
- Unique "romantic" feel to the shoots

- Some cumbersome navigation
- Infrequent updates

Warm Kiss Review

Warm Kiss is a very unique amateur creampie site. Most porn nowadays focuses on raw, hardcore sucking and fucking usually with a bit (or a whole lot) of a misogynistic overtone. Not so here. The scenes here are quite unique in that the couple having sex (the action here could probably be more appropriately termed "making love") actually seem to enjoy and like each other...as a result there's a lot of sensuality and passion here that you typically don't get in a hardcore porn scene.

The shoots usually start out with the couple chatting and flirting with one another. These are real people, not porn studs and starlets, although the chicks are usually quite hot girl-next-door types and the guys (there appear to be two guys who function as stunt cock for most scenes) are well-hung. The conversation and flirting progresses to an intense makeout section with lots of fondling and French kissing. From there, the two strip each other down and there's some oral sex (both dick sucking and pussy eating, usually) and then the horny twosome has sex in multiple positions (doggy, missionary, chick on top). As I alluded to earlier, this isn't the typical screaming, moaning, pounding fucking that you normally see...there's a lot of passionate, deep tongue kissing, and slow sensual stroking as the guy works his dick in and out of the chick's sweet pussy. The two stare deeply into each other's eyes and really get into it...so much so that the girls normally have several real orgasms during each shoot. The scene wraps up with the dude cumming deep inside the babe's twat...they usually kiss and hold each other for a bit afterward, then he pulls out and we get a nice closeup of the babe's pussy as the cum drains out. Really some unique amateur creampie scenes here.

Navigationally, the setup here is simple but a bit cumbersome. Logging in will take you to the site's main page where all of the 38 video scenes are listed. The preview pics for these are enormous and their server seemed kind of sluggish so it took quite some time for all of the scenes to load. In addition to the preview pic, each scene comes with a couple of links to stream/download a low and high quality version of the vid. The videos are full-length only and the HD quality files are typically quite huge (sometimes over a gig)...couple that with the sluggish server and it would be nice to have an option to view/download the scene in smaller parts.

Happily, once you get the vids, they're well worth the wait, particularly the high quality stuff. These are true HD quality videos and weigh in at 1440 x 1080 at 5000-9000K. The movies look absolutely amazing and are incredibly clear and sharp. Some of them even have that "3D" type feel you get when watching a football game or something on HD TV. Really some phenomenal looking vids here. Even the so-called "fast download", lower quality stuff looks really nice but you owe it to yourself to check out the HD vids...these things look wonderful!

Although I initially thought the site contained only videos, there is a link down at the bottom of the page connecting you with a photo gallery. For some reason, they just have all the pics from the various scenes grouped together in one 150+ pic gallery...this again takes a long time to load. Anyhow, the pics weigh in at extra large at 1920 x 1080. They look great and I think they might actually be vidcaps from the accompanying video...they're such high quality, it's tough to be sure. Not sure why they have such screwy organization for them though.

Other than the specific Warm Kiss scenes, there's not really anything else available here. They stick to their exclusive content and considering how unique it is, it's hard to complain. They do have a section containing some unreleased "raw" footage that was shot but not included in the regular scenes featured on the site as well as a "Sex Ed Q & A" section which contains info on making a woman cum, among other things.

Warm Kiss Bottom Line

If you're looking for some very unique amateur creampie porn, Warm Kiss is a must-see. The sensual and passionate scenes here are unlike the vast majority of porn I've checked out before and the video quality could scarcely be better. The HD videos look phenomenal and the amateur creampie action is sexy and wonderful. It'd be cool if they updated a bit more frequently as the scenes are great and some additional video options wouldn't hurt either, but if the porn I've described here sounds intriquing to you, you'll definitely want to check out Warm Kiss.
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